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Delhi University Internship Opportunity
Internship at Delhi University is one of the prestigious things to be done! One does find self-respect serving ourselves being a student and at the same time gaining exposure How Stuff Work! 
Delhi University Internship Opportunity
This is to inform you that Delhi University’s dedicated portal, we are is hiring interns.
Below are the available positions currently available :
1. Content Writers
2. Designers (Graphics)
3. Illustrators
To apply for any of the positions listed above, write an email to [email protected] with your CV and cover letter.

What Will This DU Internship Opportunity Equip You With :

This will be the question that might make home in your minds! But there are many benefits of doing internships, a few can be listed below :

  • Gains Social Exposure
  • Adds Points to your Resume (CV)
  • Develops personal and public skills
  • Makes You full of Confidence in this Growing World
If you are very good at something which is not listed below or you have any query regarding the same, then do let us know the same via our dedicated forum post here : DU Internship Forum thread

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