Beginning of college life? Rock it with these fashion accessories.

Delhi University Fashion
Delhi University Fashion

Hello Folks, hope your college is going well. The first few days of college life are always full of dilemma. Stuck in between the dilemma of what to wear and what to reject with a big fat NO. Dear

Well, it happened with us as well when we were noobs in our college, afterall who wouldn’t want to be a fashion icon of their college. So to save you ladies from this dilemma, we have compiled a list of must-have-accessories in your wardrobe.

Fashion Accessories, WHY?

Well, Yes, apart from the clean and ironed clothes, accessories have equal significance to enhance one’s beauty and style. To me, an outfit with no accessories seems like head with no hair.

“Accessories are like vitamins to fashion-as such, you should use them liberally.” – Anna Dello Russo.

Ever wondered how some little stone studded neckpieces, watches, slings, sneakers and sunglasses can give you that chic look? If you want to grab eyeballs and want to be the Diva of your college, rock it with these accessories. 


DU Jewellery

Oh, I have enough Jewellery. – Said no girl ever!

Jewellery has a great potential to take your look from day to night. Well, we don’t want you to load yourself with that heavy gold, but to keep it simple and elegant have a look on what Missamore have in their store to offer. Honestly, they have the perfect collection to complete your look.

They have everything to satisfy your heart.

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Delhi University Handbag, College fashion

Unable to get that perfect bag? Well, we’ve got the solution. All you need to do is click on the link given below- StalkBuyLove

From slings to clutches, bagpacks to handbags, they (StalkBuyLove) have everything in their store for you. Just pick the one which suits you the most, show it off and make your friends jealous! *wink*

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Want to have that classy watch on your wrist? What are you waiting for? Click this link and grab the best one. Also, they have the best deals and discounts to offer this season for all the pretty ladies out there.

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How one can forget sunglasses to keep in their bag. Glasses not just protect your beautiful eyes from this scorching heat but also enhance your style.

Grab yours from Best prices, Best deals and unique designs to complete your look.

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“Give a girl right shoes, and she can conquer the world”– Marilyn Monroe

Sneakers are always a Y-E-S! They are comfortable and complete your outfits. Also, one could take a break with those harsh heels and can still look classy.

All you need is right pair of shoes! Go grab yours from the house of- Street Style Store


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“There is generally no better ally for a girl than a great belt, since the waist is invariably always good to highlight — nothing accomplishes this more effectively than a waist-cinching wrap. And in this age of the voluminous top, it’s the best means for tackling all that extra fabric, too, which generally drowns a lot of girls’ figures.”- Lauren Conrad

Am I required to say anything else?

Stalk them and get your perfect leather or skinny chain belts.

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After all, college is not just a place for higher education but also a place where you can express yourself and so your beauty.

Do the perfect hair, put on your outfits, play with your accessories and rule the world.

You are all set to enter into this new phase of life- College. Cheers!

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